first sewing of 2014


Last week, I hauled my trusty Singer out to make pressies for the many friends who have recently had babies. (One was born before ‘the party’, but really with all the stuff for that and then Christmas, this is the first chance I’ve had to make anything)

Following the success of the dribble bibs for Niblet’s little cousin (he is very dribbly and wears them all the time) and the fact that I had purchased some quite a lot of fabric with the idea of making these to sell, I decided to make more. (AND I even remembered to take some in progress photos… what is the world coming to!!)

009 (2)

I used up the remainder of the towelling and then moved onto the cotton flannel/winceyette I bought as a cheaper and softer, but probably not as absorbent, alternative. It also comes in more colours, I went for cream and a denim-y blue.

Of the 4 babies, 3 are girls which is great as I haven’t made any baby girl things before. I had also chosen some bright fabrics in more girl (but not girly) colours.


The other big difference to last time is the poppers. Partly for cost reasons, but also because they seem safer (no pointy metal bits to pop out) and come in loads of colours, I have moved over to KAM snaps. The tool is also being used by my mum who has started using them on her aprons too.




I am waiting on KAM snaps in a lovely blue colour to go with the boy bibs that have flannel backing and for my mum to find the missing bits for the cream snaps to go on the other boy bibs. (Pictures of them will follow!)

I have made a flannel backed one for my sister-in-law to give her verdict on, to compare with the towelling ones.

All the fabric, except the grey daisy, came from previous trips to Fabricland in Kingston-upon-Thames (whilst down at ‘the outlaws’)

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