Happy Mondays

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Last Monday (not the one just gone) Niblet’s cousin arrived!!

Yep, all that hair from birth.

We went down to visit at the weekend. He is adorable and my brother & sister-in-law are all doing well, despite a lack of sleep!!

(The title of the post would have fit better if I had also got around to posting on Monday, as planned!!)

The handmade gifts were well received, although none of it is really useful for a while yet. So, I can finally reveal all…..

100I made a playmat, a couple of toys to wave/chew/bash and 3  bandana dribbly bibs.



The dribbly bibs were a late addition. I needed something else to make and thought they might be good, as they seem to be the big thing at the moment. Niblet never really needed them, so I have never looked at them, never mind made one!! I searched online and found a few good tutorials (here and here) but finally went with this one. I used terry towelling on the back to make them more absorbent.

I love them and am planning to make a whole heap more for selling at some point. I used the metal snaps that you hammer in, but they are sooo expensive. Whilst out at an NCT meet-up/meal another mum had her baby there, he was wearing similar made by her, but they had plastic snaps. She let me in on what they are (KAM snaps) and where to get them (eBay). The initial outlay for the tool is quite a bit, but then the snaps are much cheaper. Perfect for lots of bib making!!

The playmat and toys are very similar to those I made for Niblet before he was born (see this post), from Lotta Jandotter’s ‘Simple Sewing for Baby’ book. I even used some of the same fabrics – those bold IKEA cushion covers.

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I have recently become aware of adverts appearing at the bottom of my posts. These are nothing to do with me, I don’t know why they are there or indeed how to get rid of them. I apologise.

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