autumn colours


It seems odd to be writing a post about gorgeous autumn colours that appeared in the blissful sunshine last week, when it is foggy and most definitely autumnal today.

Last week, there were days when it was warm and sunny, then wet and windy (which blew all those amazing leaves off the Japanese Maple that creeps over our back fence), then back to warmth and summery sunshine yesterday (a lovely birthday treat!).




The Japanese Maple was a lovely deep burgundy for most of the time, changing to this fiery red for only a couple of weeks before most of the leaves were taken by the wind.

As it was half-term last week, I actually managed to (finally) get some making done!! Hubbie had some time off and kept Niblet occupied with Lego whilst I printed lots of Christmas cards. I carved the lino one evening a few weeks ago but have had no time to actually do anything with it. So I inked up and printed nearly 30, then created inserts for them all, as I’m fairly sure not everyone is like me and has a white pen to write with!



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