I live on the eastern fringes of Manchester with Hubbie & Niblet. A stay-at-home mum, I also try to be a maker, baker & photo taker.

This is my journey to make my life more crafty.

I have been sewing since I was a teenager and making cards for longer than I can remember.

I go on courses to try lots of different crafts (and then never do it again… even though I’d love to have the time, equipment, money etc. to do these things regularly) The things I tend to find more time to do are sewing, baking and card-making (oh, and take the occasional picture!!)

I also love to hunt out fabulous things in charity shops, antique-y places and the occasional car boot (too early on a Sunday!!)

Hubbie despairs of the amount of ‘stuff’ I hoard have . Paper, ephemera, ceramics, magazines, books … oh, so many books!!

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