Sew What?

After 21 months with very little crafting going on, I have finally managed to get my sewing machine out & running.

The last things I made were just before niblet was born. I made him a play quilt and 3 soft rattles from Lotta Jansdotter’s fantastic book ‘Simple Sewing for Baby’.
Trying to find bold patterns in small quantities was hard, so I made them from cushion covers from IKEA.

Now, the Singer is back out!!

Each of these cushion covers I have made for my mother-in-law was once a linen skirt, a kilt (both from charity shops)and some buttons from a cute tin of old buttons, bought in a junkyard, just north of Montrose, Scotland.

Steptoe’s Yard is amazing, the stuff you find… there is a lot of junk, but also lots of treasures.  If you’re anywhere near, you should check it out.

Next project …. to make niblet some PJ bottoms, out of daddy’s worn out ones.

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