Niblet got a fab pair of hatley pjs from grandpops earlier in the year. They look great, fit well & wash brilliantly.
So now he’s nearly grown out of them I thought I’d get some more. There are loads of fab designs, we are particularly loving the moose ones.

£19!! Really!!!
We love him lots, but £19 (!!) for a pair of pj’s for someone who is not yet 2???
How could niblet have cool pj’s without me losing an arm & a leg??

Using daddy’s old pj pants (ripped round the backside) & Simplicity pattern 3584, that’s how.
I also picked up some great organic, plain, cotton, close fitting long sleeved tops from H&M for about £4 each.  Result!!

I shall be making more from another old pair of grown up pj pants shortly.

While I was looking for a pattern to make the pj’s, I realised how expensive patterns are & looked on Amazon for books with patterns for childrens clothes. There are loads for girls and the odd one for children, which has a token couple of boys things.

I was really disappointed.
Imagine my excitement when searching this weekend brought up this:

Sewing for Boys: 24 Projects to Create a Handmade Wardrobe [Book]

I pre-ordered it straight away, it looks great. The patterns go up to 8 years old, so it’s also a bargain.

I can’t wait for it to arrive… whenever that will be.

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