It’s Here!!!

My copy of ‘Sewing for Boys’ by the lovely Patterns by Figgy’s has arrived. I have looked at all the gorgeous pictures, marvelled at the 8 sheets of full size pattern pieces and struggled to decide what I will make first!!

It is a lovely book, spiral bound so it lays flat, with a pocket for all the pattern sheets. There are a couple of things to make for babies, then many of the clothes are for 2/3 upto 6/7.
Niblet is too grown up for the baby things and, without measuring, may not be quite big enough for the boys things. So I may have to wait for my first project. Not that it matters, finding time for these things can often be a little hard!!

I have, however, managed niblet’s 2nd pair of pj pants (if only I’d known the book was going to have pj’s in it, I could have saved £6 buying the other pattern… hindsight is a wonderful thing). So, here, what was once a pair of mummy’s pj pants……

…. now niblet’s pj’s.

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