Something different

One & Other – Antony Gormley
Yorkshire Sculpture Park

I have been busy clearing out my photo collection.

It’s amazing how many of the same picture I have, or just rubbish photos. Everything changed by going digital, no more rubbish and only printing out the ones I really need. However, I have found a lot of favourite photos that just sit in a box, so I have decided to post a new one every day.

I am hoping to find time to make stuff to post about too!!

After longing to get one, I picked up a Clothkits kit for making a pinafore dress for my niece. It was reduced at Fred Aldous (place of pilgrimage for all that is crafty since my teens) hence the reason I finally got one (they are beautiful, but always seem so pricey!!)

That will probably be the next project, if something else doesn’t catch me first.

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