finally finished!


I have finally finished all the dribble bibs I was making (see previous post)…which means I can move onto something else (many ideas, not enough hours in the day!!)

The ‘boy’ bibs are all made with the flannel/winceyette backing, which makes them a lot less bulky and much softer. I had been waiting for some more KAM snaps to arrive and had also been trying to source a blue KAM snap that would match the blue backing fabric. Many people sell navy or royal blue, but I needed something a bit more ‘denim blue, which came in the form of sea blue from a lovely man on Ebay. Ta-daah!


All the girls have received theirs and I have had 2 lots of happy parents thanking me already, 1 of whom even thought I should be selling them online – little does he know that there are sooo many people selling them online that I probably wouldn’t stand a chance. On a similar note, we went to a very large supermarket the other day and they have jersey dribbly bibs at 2 for £3! Obviously they aren’t a nice as mine, but I’m not sure I could even make them for that price!

So here are the final 3 ready to be packed and posted.


Lovely job!

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