Mr Smith


My trip to London this time was actually focussed on seeing something, rather than just wandering round visiting shops (I did a bit of that too!).

I wanted to visit the Design Museum to go to the ‘Hello, My Name Is Paul Smith’ exhibition.

I do think the Design Museum is expensive. Hence, only going once every blue moon. Last time was in 2005 to see the ‘Shape and Shapers – The Evolution of the Surfboard’ exhibition.

I’ve never owned any Paul Smith clothing, but have been aware of him for a couple of decades as being quite ‘cool’ and British. I think I really like the idea of him – he seems like a really nice bloke who has lots of passion for what he does and just ‘things’ in general.  The exhibition, although small, didn’t disappoint. I got to see a lot of PS’s ‘stuff’, alongside designs and a little film about a day in the life of a fashion show.













I wish there were more, but these are the best of a blurry bunch!!

Having seen ‘inside the world’ of Paul Smith, I think I like him even more now. Maybe one day I’ll actually own something beautiful of his!

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