last minute making


Niblet was at nursery yesterday morning, then a birthday party and then went to spend the night at Grandma’s. So, I had time to try and make my nephew’s Christmas present.

His mum had asked for me to make him a giant cushion cover in blue. His cushion is about 70cmx70cm, a size I have not made before. I had got the fabric together weeks ago, but hadn’t had any time to cut and sew.

While Niblet was at nursery, I started cutting out. When he went off to Grandma’s I finished cutting out and got sewing. I used some royal blue material I bought just for the job, along with an old shirt of Hubbie’s, an old pair of my jeans and a spare bit of fabric I had lying around.

Hubbie’s shirt was ideal for the opening , as I really didn’t fancy inserting a zip or making buttonholes!! I also took off the pocket and put it on the front, so nephew has somewhere to hide things.


I am happier with the front, but I guess the back won’t be seen much. I’m hoping the cushion is going to fit inside – I think it will be a squeeze as I didn’t really do good seam accounting!!

I also got started on a new pair of pyjama bottoms for Niblet, from an old pair of mine (see previous ones here and here). Now I just need him to come home so I can put in the elastic and make sure they are the right length.



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