on the blink!!

Sorry, there hasn’t been much to see the last few weeks. We have been having some serious computer problems, on the plus side we’ve got a shiny new laptop with wireless web.

I’ve been trying to rescue all my photos and files from said dodgy computer, which seemed to be going ok until Wednesday. (I know I really should back up – I had backed up all my photos of Niblet, but nothing else) The big old PC has been suffering from ‘blue screen of death’ syndrome (a technical term used by my techie brother) and will hopefully be off to PC heaven after 1 last attempt at the weekend to save all remaining files.

Speaking of techie brother, he has just launched a new venture – check out two circles music here

As such I don’t have my back catalogue of photos on shiny laptop yet, so the opening image is a scan of a duvet cover my mum saved from my grandma’s house as it was being cleared out (she’s gone into a care home). How cool is that pattern. the duvet cover joins the pile of groovy duvets destined to become dresses, peg bags or some other such loveliness.

I also scanned another groovy duvet, you may know it from peg bag for mother-in-law.

Today I made soup, beetroot soup to be precise. It’s weird as I don’t really like beetroot (although it’s great in a chocolate cake), but I love beetroot soup. Niblet and I had some for lunch (there’s more in the freezer) with homemade bread. I made 3 loaves on Monday (again, more in the freezer!!)

I like making bread, cakes and soup, but I’m not over keen on cooking generally. Hubbie is the chef in the house, although since he’s been back at work proper I have had to make the meals more. The difference is he enjoys it, whereas I really don’t (apart from bread, cakes & soup).

Ha!! I’ve just had to re-write this whole post as when I went to preview it all there was, was the brown groovy duvet image. WordPress on the blink too!!

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