Veg in cakes

Today we had a little party…. Niblet is 2 and a half tomorrow. I know most people don’t celebrate their half birthday, but as Niblet’s birthday is Christmas Day, we decided to give him a party in the summer. Something to look forward to, the likelihood of his friends actually being able to come and the thought of having a nice garden party in the summer, were all good reasons for this.

However, our garden party was in the house, as it has been a foul week. It’s actually been pretty horrible for the past 4 weeks, with occasional breaks for sunshine.

We went to ‘the outlaws’ for a week, a couple of weeks ago, and it was wet for much of the time there, too.

Niblet had fun with his 4 friends, they had a go at painting in the conservatory – I had to spend all day Friday clearing it out. It was very messy and thoroughly enjoyed by all!!

Grandma cut up some of the dry bits of painting to make bunting for some of the littlies to take home (see photo at top of post). We passed-the-parcel and did some dancing to various toddler favourites (Hokey Cokey; Heads, shoulders, knees & toes, etc)

There was also lots of homemade food. I made chocolate beetroot cake and blueberry spelt muffins yesterday, then made houmous and orzo salad with asparagus and semi-dried tomato this morning. Hubbie prepared beef & chorizo burgers yesterday and made potato wedges today.

As always, I forgot to take any pictures of the lovely food until after most of it had been eaten and packed away!!
So, here’s what was left of the cake & muffins – which received a thumbs up from everyone, even my friend who thinks vegetables in cakes are wrong.

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