Where does the time go? (Part 1)

So, it’s been a month or so since I last posted and I’m struggling to remember what I’ve been doing.We’ve been to tots – had a couple of tots parties, a trip to the farm and an Olympic themed tots with races –  all of which seem to have been in a ‘don’t want to’ period for Niblet, he’s been stuck to me with his head buried in my side, even when offered a ride on the tractor!! The only time at any of these events that he has been independent and happy is when the food has come out!! He is definitely our son!!

Niblet had an awful rash for a week or so, between that and the constant rain we were having we were pretty much housebound (the doctor said there was a small chance it was infectious…. or is it contagious??)

But, there has been sunshine for the past 10 days and what a difference it makes, especially now that tots and swimming have stopped for the summer holidays. We have been to the park rather a lot.

We even went on a trip to the seaside on Tuesday (that’s our shoes on the beach at the top!!). Hubbie finished school for the summer last week, so we all went. It was gloriously sunny here, unfortunately the closer we got to the coast, the greyer it got. There wasn’t much sun at all, but it was still warm and Niblet had a great time running round and getting wet (and avoiding the jellyfish).

The past couple of weeks have been more crafty for me, especially with Hubbie at hand to keep Niblet busy. We have our NCT cheeky monkeys tea party/ baby Olympic event tomorrow and I am sharing a craft stall with my mum (and helping out at the event – being the photographer and undoubtedly other things too). So I have been frantically making cards, printing prices/signs and generally having a great time. I will tell you all about that in part 2 (which may be tonight..or may be tomorrow!!)

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