Wonderful weekend (part 2)

Sunday on the screen printing course went a lot better…better than even I had hoped.

I had coated an extra screen on Saturday, so could make up some time with my second design.
An ambitious 2 (sometimes 3) colour design.

But before I could do that I had to actually print some of my first design. I managed to print 9 bags with this first design in black.

I decided against the blue square for a background and went for just the cow parsley skeleton straight onto the bags. (Apart from the 1 bag that already had the blue square!!)

I then made my 3 part screen for my t-shirt design.

I had drawn it for Niblet, as one of his favourite toys is ‘Raffi’. I was doing a 2-3 and a 3-4 size t-shirt for Niblet, so we could enjoy the design for longer!!

I also decided to print one on a t-shirt for my brother.
The t-shirt I ordered for him looked enormous!!

The very first print was on the x-large T and it looked great, in fact all the first colour prints were great on the t-shirts, so I decided to do some giraffe bags too. By the time I had done these and cleaned up the screen, they were dry enough for the second colour.
I was worried about lining it all up right, but they have some great kit there that helps with the ‘registration’.

I did Niblets T first and was really pleased with how it came out. Most of the bags look lined up and Niblets T’s, but the one for my brother is wonky and very clearly hand-printed!! There was just so much fabric to contend with.

I also managed to print another 5 bags with my original cow parsley design in a gorgeous teal colour, which I wish I had seen earlier in the day, as they look even better than the black!!
All in all, a wonderful weekend.
Thanks to Carol for all the lessons learnt.

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