Wonderful weekend (part 1)

My weekend was not full of Jubilee festivities, but instead 2 fantastic days on a screen printing course at West Yorkshire Print Workshop in Mirfield.
It was amazing…although these were not my exact feelings when I got home on the Saturday evening!!

In the morning, we spent a lot of time trying to get our artwork sorted and copied onto acetate. I had already drawn out most of mine on paper before arriving on the course, but had 1 idea I was unsure about.

 I used the patio window to copy the silhouette from my photo and extend it.

I tried to create my intended background, but it didn’t look right. The course tutor suggested a big plain square as a background, which sounded good.
We also got our screens coated with the photo-sensitive coating for drying.

In the afternoon, we mixed our colours and put our designs onto our screens. We then had to wait for the screens to dry again before we could print. I was running out of time and only managed to print onto 1 bag.

The square was meant to be in the centre of the bag, not off to the side, but I didn’t realise I had to mark the top of the screen!
It was a disaster.
So I went home feeling a bit dejected.

I decided that when I went in the next day I wouldn’t use the big square as a background, but just print the ‘cow parsley’ silhouette straight onto the bag.
That way I’d have time to print a few bags and manage my second design for t-shirts.

paint splatters in the clean up area; screen designed by course tutor Carol

read about what happened on day 2 in part two ….

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