Crafty corner

I spent a little time the other evening making some cards…1 for hubbie, 1 for grandad and 1 for grandpops.I went to Manchester last weekend and found the most gorgeous selection of fabric tapes at Paperchase. I had heard about similar but never seen them before. As soon as I saw the blue and red striped rolls I knew what the Father’s day cards for this year would be.
I don’t think I’ve made the Father’s day cards before.

Well, there’s a first time for everything!!

This weekend I’m going on a textile screen printing course at the West Yorkshire Print Workshop. It’s a bit of a trek from here, but it will be totally worth it.
I have got my designs all ready for the photosensitive screen making process.
I’d show you, but I’m making some presents for people who occasionally stop by here and peek!!

Anyway I can’t wait.

I love going on a crafty course, or 2 … this is the one for this year (I’d love to do more but will have to see how far the pennies stretch this year!!)

In the past, I’ve done 2 different bookbinding courses at Hotbed Press with the lovely Lucy May Schofield. I also did an amazing letterpress course there with Graham Moss, which resulted in some fantastic Christmas cards.
I did a 1 day printing course, which included monoprint, lino printing and screenprinting, whilst heavily pregnant!! It was in the basement of Fred Aldous, run by Nell Smith courtesy of Ministry of Craft.

I should really go rummage for evidence of these to show you…but maybe another time, especially as some of it is probably in storage now!!

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