Everything in the garden’s lovely

This week has been beautiful, so much sunshine after weeks of miserable rain and grey skies.

The garden has been the place to be….…along with the park
(and all our regular haunts – 2 different tots groups, swimming lesson, IKEA for nct coffee morning – the kids would definitely rather have been at the park then!!)

Niblet has been out in the garden every day, some days naked, some not.
He has run endlessly, pretended to mow the grass, had a paddle in a box (thanks for the idea, Lucy!!) and in the paddling pool, when we finally got round to getting it out. He has been looking with great interest at all the plants that are starting to grow, particularly the edible ones (he is definitely our son!!)

He has tried rocket, mizuna, chives (a favourite), mint and is desperate to try the lettuce, but it’s just not big enough yet. The potatoes have suddenly started to shoot up and the second sowing of beans are just popping through today.

Much of the other salady things in the beds are looking a bit pathetic, and the courgettes and peas have yet to make an appearance.

Only 1 allium has made an appearance which is a shame as they’re one of my faves, but many more should be along soon.
The laburnum tree at the bottom of the garden has been in full flower this week. If you go near it hums, as there are so many bees in there.

The peonies are looking fantastic, we have 3 large plants with these crimson flowers (they are one of the reasons I wanted to buy the house!!). They are all coming out and it means the garden looks great and I have something homegrown to pop in a vase.

The Christmas tree is sending out new shoots. We bought it for Niblet’s 1st (technically his 2nd) Christmas. It has been out in the garden since. It came back in for Christmas last year and will hopefully return for many more Christmases.

All this sun has meant very little has been done in the house, not much housework, no making (despite buying fabric last weekend to make shirts for Niblet).

Also went to a great craft fair last Saturday in Chorlton, part of Chorlton arts festival. My mum and I enjoyed the craft fair, then pootled round Beech Road and had a spot of lunch at the On the Corner Cafe, all of which merely confirmed what I have known since I was a teenager (many years ago!!) Chorlton is a suburb of Manchester I would love to live in.

Should really have a whole post devoted to these lovely crafty things, but just didn’t get round to it!! (That pesky sunshine again!!)

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