Sew on and so on…

So I haven’t been very organised about getting this post out – not that that is any different than normal.

Anyway, finally…. a post that started with spending last Saturday at my sewing machine and finished with me taking lots of photos of Niblet’s bedroom this afternoon.

On Saturday Hubbie took Niblet for his new weekly swim-date with Wally Walrus.

Niblet is first in, last out and makes a fuss about getting out after an hour and a half in the water.
Those weekly swim lessons, he has been going to since he was about 6 months old, are definitely paying off.
He moved on from the ’15 adults with their babies in the water’ lessons to the ‘3 toddlers and the teacher in the pool with no mummies’ lessons, last week. He hadn’t been responding too well to doing things with me in the pool for a few months, so when his teacher mentioned these new lesson starting up, we jumped at the chance. The lesson are meant to be for 3 – 4 year olds, but she was quite happy for Niblet to go despite him not being 2 & a half yet. He is loving it and has got even more confident (possibly a little cocky!!) in the last 2 weeks.
After Wally Walrus the boys got to sit in a Fire Engine and some Police cars. Niblet even got to set off the police sirens. How exciting is that!!

Anyway, I digress.
After the morning’s excitement they came home for lunch, Niblet had his nap (2 hours!!), then the boys went out to do the grocery shopping for the week. So I had pretty much the whole day to sew.

I made Niblet another pair of pyjama bottoms, from an old pair of Hubbie’s that had extra ventilation around the rear!! (some more here)
I also made Niblet a new duvet cover and pillowcase (as seen in the opening photo). They were originally an IKEA double duvet set, that I bought just for the material when Niblet was tiny. I had intended to make a beanbag for him to lie on. I never got round to it and the fabric has sat in a box for 2 years!!
When we turned his cotbed into a bed last month, I decided to make him these new covers. We did buy a couple of sets, so he hasn’t been without covers for those 7 weeks or so.

I, of course, forgot to take any pictures during the making process or indeed of the finished items, until today. The pyjamas are already in the wash (so no pictures- phew, you sigh!!), as he wanted to wear them, and have the new covers, as soon as he saw them.

I went to take the pictures of the covers this afternoon and got caught up taking pictures of lots of other bits of his room that I really like.

I haven’t ever posted any of our home decor, but here are the best bits of Niblet’s room.


Raffi, Russell & Blue Blue; a beautiful boat bought in Burnham Market (for me!! but it looks good in his room);
ambulance & fire engine hooks from grandma christmas;
lampshade bought from habitat in the sale many moons ago (again bought for me!!); shoe picture, a Christmas present for me from D &C (but goes better in his room);
airplane mobile from Grandpops, who bought it before Niblet was born – he says he knew it was going to be a boy;chest of drawers from charity shop that was originally in the spare room, but we needed somewhere for babygros & sheets;
picture made from 3 cards I saw in a gallery in Bury St. Edmunds & thoguht they were great for niblet’s room.
This post was created to the repeated sound of ‘Silver Tongue’ by Zulu Winter.
My new favourite song.

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