Tree Fu Go!!

I have finished 3….. yes, 3 projects this weekend.

I hadn’t really been considering some of the things I make for Niblet as creative, but I make them, so I guess they are.

Niblet ‘s current favourite on CBeebies is Tree Fu Tom, so when we glimpsed a picture of a make your own Tree Fu Tom belt, he remembered.

He kept asking if we could make it, so I printed off the instructions, then had a week long search for many of the things needed. The search ended in me just buying mini-cereals and cheese triangles (things we don’t usually have in the house) so we had the right boxes.

I made brown paint and added glue as I didn’t think it would cover the cereal boxes very well. I was correct – it took 2 coats and ages to dry!!

We didn’t have orange tissue paper, but Niblet said he would like purple instead anyway- fortunately I had purple. Also, no black electrical tape, so my fancy washi tape was utilised instead. Tree Fu Tom’s doesn’t look this good!!


Niblet got a doctor’s set from his Nanna, last time we went down and I said at the time that I would make him a doctor’s coat. Again, he remembered and asked again last week when I was going to make one. So I hit the charity shops and found an age 13 boys short-sleeved white school shirt to cannibalise.

I tried it on Niblet and it was the right length, the sleeves were perfect. It was just a bit too big around, so I took a bit in and (rather badly) sewed on a turquoise cross, to match his medical case.


I also finished the shirt for Niblet’s best friend. It’s still a bit wide, but I’m hoping it’s not too baggy.

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