Happy Birthday little blog!!

Happy birthday to my little blog!! 1 year old today.

That’s not the only birthday on the horizon, Niblet’s best friend will be 3 next week, and I decided to make his present…

I’m using the ‘sewing for boys’ book I blogged about and bought nearly a year ago and have yet to actually use!!

I have looked at the pictures A LOT, decided that I am going to make Niblet a shirt (the same style of shirt, in fact) and not yet got round to it. I’ve even bought the material, but it hasn’t made it out of the bag since!!

It has taken me a couple of weeks on and off to make the birthday shirt, not surprising since it is classed as advanced –  a fact I overlooked when deciding this should be the first project.

It has actually not been too bad to make – until I got to sewing down the second layer of sleeve/yoke.

I have since discovered a small hitch. I had to choose a larger size of pattern and shorten it. It wasn’t clear how wide the shirt would be around and now that it’s made I think it’s far too wide. There is little room for altering it either as it’s such a complicated pattern. I’m going to sew up the box pleat in the back, but it won’t be enough.

Although the book has some great looking clothes in, the patterns comes in 2/3, then jump to 4/5, then 6/7. It would be much better if they had inbetween sizes too, as some of the patterns are quite complicated and would be difficult to adjust if you aren’t an expert.

Hopefully, it won’t be too baggy and will be favourably received. We’ll find out soon enough!!

One thought on “Happy Birthday little blog!!

  1. I bought a knitting pattern recently for a relative to do some knitting, and it was aged 2-3 or 4-5, which seems ridiculous really.

    The shirt is impressive but it does look perhaps a bit wide. I’m currently making a very easy bag and have neglected to cut out half the pieces I need for it.

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