weekend wanderings



Well hello there!!

Life has been somewhat different in the past 5 months, since going back to work.

There is little time for making, even less for blogging.

There have been a few bits and bobs made, many of which I have no photographic evidence of (vintage map covered notebooks – really pleased with those; Halloween cape for Niblet – a 5 minutes job, just before heading out to trick or treat 3 neighbours!; Christmas stamp gift tags …)

Some there is evidence of … an in-progress view of a friends Christmas present; a clipboard, picked up at a charity shop, covered in a fabulous wallpaper sample; assistance with Niblet’s first ever school project.


I have, however, managed to squeeze a jewellery making taster course this weekend. It was run by Manchester School of Jewellery and was held at Manchester Craft and Design Centre (a must visit if you ever head over to Manchester).


It was just 3 hours or so, but felt like we squeezed lots in and I came home with a silver pendant, designed and made by my own fair hands.



and here it is ……taaa-dah!


Now, I just have to find a chain for it to go on.

Whilst in Manchester I also had a little wander around places I always see and usually wish I had my camera to take photos. Not that yesterday’s sleet and snow was the best weather for taking pictures, but I at least had a camera with me.





I also picked up a Sew Over It – Ultimate Shift Dress kit in HomeSense for £18.99 (normally £30). I guess the fabric is old stock, but it seems perfectly nice to me. Not sure when I’ll find time to make it though, I’m on a dribble bib mission – 2 friends have babies due next month and another 2 in the following few months.


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