things I’m loving right now

I have just read this post from Karen over at Did You Make That?

I am totally a splurger, as being demonstrated now. I write nothing for months, then have 2 (or sometimes more..) posts all at once.

This just didn’t really fit in with the last post, which was getting a bit long too!

This week I picked up my best ever charity shop bargain. Now at £11.99 it wasn’t the usual price I pay for anything in a charity shop, but when I tell you I saw it on t’internet for £110 it makes it all the more bargainous.

I love (most) Orla Kiely designs and have long lusted after one of her bags (not counting the Tesco ones, which I have a couple of), so when I saw this in the window of The Salvation Army shop I couldn’t believe my eyes. It is in near perfect condition and is …Gorgeous!!


Other things I’m loving right now are:

Liquorice and Peppermint teapigs – unlike any other herbal tea I’ve ever tasted (priced unlike any herbal teas in the supermarket – but I think this one is worth it!)

Deserter by Siskiyou (gives me goosebumps – being listened to in childlike fashion of repeating over and over again)

Spiral (season 5) – finally Saturday night telly worth watching, getting through a week between a 2 episode fix is hard, but then there is Broadchurch to soften the blow!


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