the big reveal


Something is afoot in a park in Manchester……the Whitworth art gallery is reopening this weekend, after having a fantastic extension and refurbishment of other parts of the existing building.

Last weekend, Niblet and I went to a pre-reopening bash where we got to look around and do some activities. We were sworn to secrecy until today, when lots of press coverage happened and so I can now show the few photos I took. (Only phone photos, so not the best in the world!!)

The new extension is, quite simply, stunning.


The new learning area had a painting activity on last weekend and Niblet made, literally, the first brushstroke in this new space.


The challenge was a minute to paint anything in just one of the few colours available. Niblet saw a dumper truck outside the window in the, still unfinished, area that will be the ‘art garden’.


Some amazing art on display from Cornelia Parker, Sarah Lucas and much more. Wish I had seen more of it, but Niblet was more interested in a welly walk in the park to see ‘the snowman’..


We did see some of Cornelia Parker’s works, the War Room being both mine and Niblets favourite. An entire room, that felt like a tent, draped in the remains of the red paper used to make the poppies for Remembrance Day.


Another visit soon is calling, especially for some of the, frankly gorgeous, Whitworth stationary in the shop and to try out the new café. It is in the extension and has floor to ceiling glass walls which look out into Whitworth Park, even in the dark, without any lovely food, it was magical.






If you want to know more check out the website or better still, the twitter feed #galleryinthepark (said as if I know what I’m talking about!!)






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