time flies…..


Well. I’m astounded yet again to have been away so long. But I haven’t really missed it.

Is this a sign that I should stop blogging? Will I even have time once I return to work? (less than 2 weeks away!!)

Since I was last here we have been on a 2 week family trip, I would love to say holiday, but it didn’t really feel like one aside from the odd day here and there. We were haring round the country visiting many family and friends and while it was lovely to catch up with everyone, I certainly didn’t feel rested!!

We started out with a couple of nights in Norfolk, a couple of nights in Suffolk, a night in Cambridgeshire with friends, then back to Suffolk for a weekend with my brother and his family.












We ended up spending almost a week with the outlaws where, as usually happens, I took a trip up to London. This time to see the Henri Matisse Cut-Outs exhibition at Tate Modern. It was really good, especially the room of pictures from Jazz, which I picked up in a charity shop a couple of years ago. To see the originals was amazing.

I also took far too many pictures of my father-in-law’s flowers. There is always a stunning display, something I aim for but never quite manage back here.








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