busy being busy…


We have been busy being busy…. (looks like we aren’t the only ones)

I’ve had to find more things to do with Niblet in the past few weeks, but it hasn’t been too difficult. We have been to Clitheroe Castle, twice as of today! We spent a day at the ‘Dig the City’ festival in Manchester, Niblet particularly enjoyed the Roald Dahl storytelling session, but also had fun making mud pies, playing crazy golf and giant jenga, drawing garden pictures, planting seeds, making a kite (much like last years) and doing the, much improved, National Trust barefoot walk. We met a Dalek at Warrington Museum and Art Gallery and then made one of our own.






Hubbie took us off to Crosby for a trip to the seaside one windy Sunday. Niblet loved squelching through the sand and seeing the ‘men’ on the beach. He doesn’t really remember going to see Another Place before, I guess it’s been a couple of years since we last went. It’s amazing how different the statues that are covered by the sea are to those further up the beach.



Last week Niblet and I went up to Scotland to visit the outlaws who were on holiday. We had a lovely, but short, time there. One day was particularly glorious and we went to 3 beaches, at one of which I made an unexpected Banksy discovery (or is it?)



I returned from our cross-country jaunt with a new (to me) sewing machine. It was Hubbie’s Grandmothers, but she has rarely used it in the 15/20 years she has had it. As mine is currently feeling unwell and has yet to visit the Singer doctor, I thought it would only be fair to give the poor, unloved machine a new home.

I have only had 1 day when I found time to have a go. I did lots of practising with bits of old fabric, lots of stitches to try out and instructions to read. It seems a lot quieter than my other machine. I did actually use it too, to make an orange insert for a top I picked up in the charity shop that was a little too revealing!!

I have many more plans for it though and picked up more fabric (clothes from charity shops) last week in Scotland.


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