party on the high seas


After last year’s Gruffalo extravaganza for Niblet’s party, this year we went for a Pirate theme.

I started making his costume many months ago, but failed to post until now.

I bought some black dress velvet to make the waistcoat, which was so closely woven I struggled to pin the pattern on. I managed to cut it out and foolishly had a go at sewing it, which has basically, buggered up my machine.

I have sorted it out to some extent that I was able to finish the costume (with other fabric) but it is still skipping stitches and tangling at the start of each bit of sewing. I am planning to get it repaired but in the meantime have stopped sewing. My Granny outlaw has a machine that has hardly been used in the 15 years she has had it, so we will be picking that up when we visit next week and normal service can be resumed.

I also made a treasure chest from a cardboard box that something had recently been delivered in.

This also helped me get my job for September (I had to take an object that described me and talk about it – I filled the treasure chest with loads of other things I have made in the last few years and basically used it to show ‘my hidden treasures’ and that I could ‘think outside the box’!!)

We played stick the eye-patch on the pirate, musical islands and pass-the -pirate-parcel with all those who were ‘out’ getting a piece of treasure from the treasure chest. How many shops sell chocolate coins at Easter?? Not many but fortunately that was when I picked up lots of bags of gold and silver for the party. We also had pirate themed food, including gluten-free cupcakes I made the day before.

040 (2)

No pictures from the party this time, I took the camera but it sat forlornly on a cupboard while I set up the church hall, entertained small pirates and passed out food.  Fortunately another mum took pictures of Niblet blowing out his candles!!

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