in the park


It has been beautiful again today, which called for another trip to the park.

We are very lucky to have such a large beautiful park so close by, however it is not all good. The park has been redeveloped over the past 2 years and while many of the improvements are great (more open spaces, well designed new building) many are not.

The lovely new building is intended to have a cafe – one opened over the summer and had been open on weekends, but that has all stopped. So now we have a pointless building and no access to any toilets.

The childrens play area is pitiful, everywhere else we visit is infinitely better!! We have to bring so much stuff with us to make our trip enjoyable for Niblet; golf clubs, football, bucket & spade and duck food (oh and a snack & drink for Niblet)

When he starts pedalling his trike independently, I’ll really struggle to carry everything!!


Another problem we have is that our local council has basically cut all it’s public services, so it seems that there is no-one to keep the park clean. The hard football pitch is covered in broken glass, there is litter everywhere, including in the duck pond and the dog muck… don’t get me started.

We live in a town that is dominated by pound shops, those shops where you can buy your flat screen telly on a weekly basis for about 3000% interest and pawn broker type shops. It is also dominated by dog muck and it’s getting worse.

Even where we live, which is apparently the nice bit of town, we can’t walk from our front door to Niblet’s nursery (about 4 minutes walk) without encountering at least 5 different piles of poo. It is vile.

Anyway that’s my little rant – it would be much larger but that’s not really what this blog is about.

It’s about the pretty pictures of the park, the ones that make it all seem idyllic.


041 (2)









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