Not the most stylish of photos, but knocking up a fire engine for Niblet before 9am on a Sunday morning with limited resources does not really require finesse!!

He woke earlier than he has for weeks, I persuaded him into the spare bed for a bit more sleep (mostly just wriggling). Then I had no choice but to get up and make some breakfast. He dressed up in his fireman’s hat & jacket, played with his hose (a piece of pipe insulation left as a gift for him by the plumber) and announced that he wanted a fire engine!!

He has been using a little wooden trike as a fire engine, so I suggested this. No, he wanted A FIRE ENGINE.

I had a hunt and did the best I could with a large-ish box, a silver pen, some foil, a bit of ribbon, a couple of small yoghurt pots, blue gaffer tape and a red felt tip. It sits nicely on the back of the trike so he can actually ‘go to an emergency’ on it.



The hose is now dual purpose, he also pretends it is the pole to slide down in the fire station!!

He seemed quite pleased.

More successful than the fat/seed coconuts I made for the birds!! They finished the ones I bought, so I thought I’d refill them myself.

Block of lard, bird seed & mealworms. I think I put in too much seed, they are definitely not as popular as the ones from the shop.

◊           ◊          ◊          ◊          ◊           ◊           ◊           ◊           ◊           ◊           ◊           ◊

I have recently become aware of adverts appearing at the bottom of my posts. These are nothing to do with me, I don’t know why they are there or indeed how to get rid of them. I apologise.


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