Days of Summer (Part 3)

Thursday was a glorious day and we went to what can only be described as paradise… Barafundle bay. This is what it looked like when we arrived at about 10am.  When we got down there were only about half a dozen people. Over the next hour or so it started to fill up, but never got too busy. It is a 20 minute walk from the car park and has no facilities, which means it’s not a choice for many people.

We had the best day.

N & N joined us for sandcastles, swimming in the sea (everyone this time), sandwiches, swishing through seaweed and sunbathing. The sea was so clear you could see your feet, it was amazing.

We packed up and headed back late afternoon. An Indian takeaway was the order of the day, eaten on the deck outside our mobile home in the evening warmth.

Friday was another splendid day and we headed back to Tenby. Niblet and Hubbie spent the morning at the Jubilee playground above South Beach, while I hit the shops.  Hubbie and Niblet met me for lunch at the lovely Caffe Vista, which indeed has a great view over North Beach and the Harbour. N & N came for coffee and we headed back to South beach.

I went back into town to take some photos and go to more lovely little shops.
Final purchases were a few souvenirs for friends and family, a gorgeous fairtrade basket for me, more postcards and some pirate stickers for a future pirate party for Niblet.

Who wouldn’t want to live somewhere with 4 beaches and views like this.

The trip home was a new route up through the hills, stopping at a nature reserve just outside Welshpool, where there were cow parsley skeletons. I am known for my inability to pass these plants without taking far too many pictures!!

Well, I wouldn’t want to disappoint….

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