flower power

We went down to Surrey last week to see the out-laws and had another week of fantastic weather.

I squeezed in a day up in London, in amongst picnics on the golf course, visiting Niblet’s cousins, charity shopping and seeing friends I’d almost given up on!!I went up on a Sunday, so I could visit Columbia Road Flower Market and the surrounding shops (many of which only open on the weekend)

As I walked from Hoxton station, scores of people with gorgeous armfuls of flowers passed by.
I wished I had a place in the city, so I could buy some of these fantastic flowers (carrying a bunch round London, all day, on the hottest day of the year was just out of the question!)

It was very busy (then the rain and thunder came), so I didn’t manage many pictures.

There were so many flowers I would have happily scooped up and loved ’til their petals fell.

The shops on both sides of Columbia Road are just amazing, I managed to resist buying things in pretty much every shop I entered – it was very hard.
I did, however, succumb at beyond fabrics to this…

Pezzy Print aqua multi / 21605-24
 image from beyond fabrics website
…and would have loved to buy more, especially these Lucie Summers – Summersville at Moda fabrics. Just gorgeous.
Summersville  Coal - 31700 11Summersville  Seafoam - 31702 14
Summersville  Seafoam - 31703 14Summersville  London Bus Red - 31704 12
 images from beyond fabrics website
Other notable shops were … well pretty much all of them!! and the ones down Ezra Street, too.

I’ve been to Brick Lane before, but not on a Sunday. WOW!! A veritable feast for the senses – handmade/vintage/food stalls everywhere. It was hard not to part with more money, but aside from a very refreshing watermelon juice, I resisted again.

I also took a quick detour to Spitalfields City Farm, which had an open day; spotted a few decorated Olympic/Paralympic mascots (Sari Wenlock & Park Wenlock in the pictures, no picture of Spicy Wenlock)

I snapped more flowery loveliness in Grandad’s garden ….


… and Niblet had fun at his cousin’s !!

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