Days of Summer (Part 1)

Our summer holiday was last week, we went to South West Wales. We drove a similar way to last year; last year we were greeted by sunlight glistening on the sea, this year clouds and grey skies. Our lunch (& charity shopping!!) stop was in Aberystwyth. We headed down to the sea front as we’d promised Niblet a run on the beach. Fortunately, there was a delightful shelter where we could munch our sandwiches and watch the seagulls in the rain. (see opening picture!!)

I picked up some books in the Oxfam bookshop (I’m a bit of a collector of books, but particularly Ladybird books and other beautifully illustrated children’s books. Oh! .. craft books too!) and some vintage patterns in the Barnardo’s shop (another collection, or bad habit). So the stop off wasn’t completely wasted.

As we left Aberystwyth the sun began to shine and it felt more like a summer holiday, as we headed past where we stayed last June (the fantastic Dairy Cottage at Penbeili Mawr Farm).

We went past Cardigan and headed down towards St. Clears in Carmarthenshire. As we arrived at this years farm the sun was still shining and we unloaded into our mobile home. This years accommodation was much more basic, but it was a place to lay our heads and booking at the last minute usually leaves less options!!

That night it started raining and didn’t stop. We awoke to the roof being pounded with torrential rain.
When we finally arrived in Tenby, it wasn’t raining and the streets were dry. (We were held up by trees down, flooding and roads closed)

Our waterproofs got lots of strange looks from all the flip-flopped and shorted holidaymakers. As we’d told Niblet he was going to indoor play, he insisted on doing it, despite it being more like beach weather.

We met N & N (Hubbie’s brother & his girlfriend) for lunch and then retired to the beach; a walk along the beach and over castle hill, past the lifeboat station and off to a little Rotary club gathering at the harbour.

The lifeboat was due to launch for a practice exercise later in the evening, so we headed back there for that. Niblet thought it was great, especially the big splash as it launched.

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