Hoppy Easter

How cute are these little guys? I got them to give to Niblet’s cousins for Easter

I found them at Oklahoma in Manchester on my afternoon out at the weekend (read a review here, they don’t appear to have their own website). They were by far the coolest bunnies I had seen all afternoon and only 90p each.

I was trying to find other stuff to add to their goody bags, without too much chocolate or too much money being spent. So I also added some seeds, with handmade seed markers.
I also found a craft activity pack each for them in ‘Poundland’. I turned a couple of paper bags I had in my stash into bunny bags, complete with cotton wool ball tails!!
I’m sure it’s been done before, but these were all mine.
We had my brother, his wife, her parents and my mum over for lunch today. Niblet was very excited. He really loves my brother & sister-in-law and we haven’t seen them for a while. It was like an early Easter lunch, with lots of goodies being given and plenty of food and drink. Hubbie made Jamie’s Slow-roasted marmalade pork and quick coleslaw with jacket potatoes.
I was, as always, delicious and is fast becoming the go to meal when we have people round.

Niblet had belated Christmas and birthday presents from C’s parents and Easter gifts from all. He is now aware of chocolate and it is getting harder to stop him wanting/eating it, so I gave in and let him have a bit with his fruit at teatime. He won’t, however, know quite how much he has been given!!

I wanted to give some nice Easter cards to all but forgot to get any, but the other day I was checking out other blogs and found freebies from Mooo (sorry, can’t remember where I saw it first, but a few people have shared it). I printed out some of the Very Vibrant cards, which weren’t as vibrant as hoped, but that could be our printer!! They are, however, really great designs.

picture from Mooo website

We’re off to the ‘outlaws’ for Easter, hopefully there will be sunshine down south!!

To anyone who made it this far, thanks and Happy Easter.

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