Sunshine abounds!

Well, what a week it’s been. Beautiful blue skies and endless sunshine…..
unusual for us at any time of year (Manchester- THE rainy city!!) but particularly in March. And it’s been hot, not just mild, but hot.

So, Niblet and I have spent a lot of time out in the garden, playing golf (his favourite thing), kicking the football, playing hit the football with the (plastic) golf clubs!! Throwing around the sparkly ball, which is super shiny in the sun, drawing on the patio with giant chalks, throwing water everywhere

We have also been gardening. Niblet loves to dig and now has his own little patch. We added some radish and lettuce seeds to his bit, and I planted some up in a pot too.

So far, the rhubarb is outperforming everything else, but the blueberries and raspberries are looking promising for later on.

I have to put the potatoes in soon and start planting up most other things but I’m worried about doing it before heading off to the outlaws. If it stays this dry, nothing will last/germinate. I may have to hang back on everything until we return.

I lay down on the grass yesterday, late afternoon, thinking how fantastic all the trees looked as they were coming out for Spring highlighted against the perfect blue.

Hubbie put up the bee house I won, not sure if it’s in the best place but it looks pretty anyway!

The garden is feeling like Spring has sprung, but the weather feels like Summer already. No doubt it will snow over Easter just to really confuse us all!!

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