Nifty Thrifty

I love a good rummage in the charity shops, but recently have struggled to find wonderful stuff like many other bloggers do (maybe I just don’t live in the right place, American thrift stores seem to produce much better goodies than my local charity shops).

But I have found something that I love……..just because it’s beautiful and it was only 50p!!


Many of my previous charity bargains have been clothes for Niblet, I found lots of good stuff for him when we were on holiday in Montrose in summer 2010. The charity shops there are great. They are also of a better class down in Surrey, near ‘the outlaws’.
I regularly pick up old books at charity shops, even my local ones. I am trying to find all the old Peter & Jane Ladybird books, but the ‘c’ books a hard to find because they’ve often already been written in.
Some I just like for the illustrations. I will post more about these when I can round some up.
But I rarely, make that never, find clothes for me.
Not like Jess at Craftiness is Not Optional with her ‘outfit a day’ posts, she seems to have so much cool stuff that she thrifted.
Everything in sizes above 14 seems to have come from grannies, and I just don’t seem to have the eye to be able to find anything to transform into another outfit for me, not like these clever people.
I have tons of clothing that I have picked up solely for the material.
I intended to make bags/purses for gifts/to sell, but I just have a large box or 2 of clothing languishing in the depths of stuff!!
I really need to get my act together. Maybe I’ll actually have something to post on making from the charity clothes sometime this year!!

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