Old MacDonald

I saw some great shots while playing with Niblet at the weekend and managed to get Hubbie to grab my camera in time to catch them. What was I saying in my last post?

So, the picture above is ‘Farmer man’ peeping through the window of the garage I made for Niblet’s tractor.
And this is Niblet peeking through the opposite window. He thought this was great fun.

So much fun that we had to do it from both sides (so you get to see the interior from different angles too. Love those Duplo bricks!!)
Niblet loves all things farmyard at the moment.
His tractor and a Duplo chicken coop came from his Uncle at Christmas/Birthday. He had a wooden Landrover-style vehicle from Nana and loves his Old MacDonald lotto too.
He does occasionally burst into ‘E-I-E-I-O’ when we are out and about (and bits of ‘Twinkle, twinkle’ too)

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