A little trip (part 1)

We’ve been away and since we’ve been back, it’s rained almost non-stop, which has made me feel really blah.
Especially since we had sunshine in both Surrey and Suffolk.
(As demonstrated by Hubbie and Niblet at the park, below!!)

These pictures were all taken in ‘the outlaws’ garden.
I went a bit mad taking pictures; in their garden, when we went out for walks and I even took my camera up to London for the day. (I don’t normally do that, as I’m worried I’ll break my camera, or get mugged!!)

 (Red Tulip, ‘Tooth Fairy’ that Niblet kisses a lot, Muscari, a yellow bud, pretty purple flowers – all in ‘outlaws’ garden; blossoms and shadow of blossoms out on a walk to the park via the golf course; feather detail, roof detail, railing detail – all at The British Museum; window detail – round corner from The British Museum!!)

We had a great day out in London.

Niblet, Hubbie and Nana went to see the guards at Buckingham Palace, played in St. James’ Park and looked at lots of toys in Hamleys (Niblet came back with 10 little die-cast vehicles from Nana!!)

I went to some of my favourite shops:
Blade Rubber – rubber stamp shop, near The British Museum; Shepherds Falkiners –  fine paper/bookbinders shop on Southampton Row; London Graphic Centre – full of crafty goodness, near Seven Dials; Magma – design favourites and bookshop, both near Seven Dials.

I resisted both the bead shops I like, as I buy pretty beads and never make anything with them!!

I stopped at Oxfam on Drury Lane and found something that fitted (even though it’s 2 sizes smaller!!). Then onto a fantastic clothes shop, happie loves it, on Drury Lane. I love the clothes in there and everytime I go, I decide I must lose a few stone, so I can buy something there!!
I pootled round lots of other little places in Neal’s Yard/Covent Garden area.

I went down Berwick Street and finally ventured into fabric shops I have never visited before. My favourite was Cloth House, where I picked up some funky hand printed cotton. It was very expensive, but so lovely, I bought a small piece to add to something I hope to make for Niblet.

I stopped at Liberty to marvel at all their goodies, and marvelled at the prices – things I had seen elsewhere that same day were so much more expensive in Liberty.

I came home with 3 rubber stamps, 4 ink pads, 3 sheets of lovely Italian paper, a nice River Island top from Oxfam, 2 cartridge paper pads from Cowling and Wilcox, the lovely moose print cotton, and a couple of Japanese stocking fillers (I am always on the lookout for reasonable but different present ideas – I have a box under my bed full of stuff!!)

More adventures to come….

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