New Moon on Monday

Ok, so it’s not a new moon, but Duran Duran just kept popping into my head while I was trying to think of a title for the post.

We had this brilliant, big clear moon tonight, which made Niblet very excited. He is also known as ‘moonhunter’ at home, as every night he wants to look for the moon. He is also very pleased when it can be seen in the day, which has happened quite a lot on clear days recently. Anyway, I was suitably impressed too and tried to get a few shots.

‘Moonlight is sculpture’  – Nathaniel Hawthorne

Niblet also got excited by the snow we had this weekend. It started about 1pm on Saturday and he decided he still wanted to go to the park as planned!! Hubbie wrapped him up and got his waterproof dungarees on and off they went.  Apparently, he ran about and rolled around in the snow (Niblet..not Hubbie), fed the ducks and went into the planthouse (a new favourite place to visit). He has been telling everyone about the ‘huuuge spiky cactus’ he has seen in there.

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