Friday fun

We had company today, friends for Niblet to play with and mums for me to chat with. So, yesterday I actually got round to making something…

I made some yummy carrot muffins or honey bunnies (without the frosting) as they are referred to in Mary Contini’s easy peasy sweetie pie. They are super easy (it is a cookbook for kids really!!) and I don’t mind Niblet having them either. Other mums brought cake too!!

We had lots of fun and I think all the others enjoyed themsleves too. We haven’t really had many people round before, so I went for it and had a houseful with 6 mums, 4 babies and 4 toddlers. Niblet was really good and shared all his toys, he only got a bit cranky when I wouldn’t let him have some biscuit.
I also brightened up the house with some flowers, but they didn’t really get seen as the mummies stayed in the sunny sitting room (it’s freezing outside though). So they’re getting seen here!!

My brother and sister-in-law got me this cool jug from jam tart (I love VW camper vans, you may notice a toy one in the background of the top picture too!! I have let Niblet have this one to play with and now he loves them too.)

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