Him again?!!

One & Only- Antony Gormley
Yorkshire Sculpture Park

You may recognise this fellow from an earlier post.

I have a thing about Antony Gormley’s sculptures, especially the human forms.
Every time we visit the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, I seem to take pictures of the same things (apart from the changing exhibitions, of course). You really must go, if you get the chance.
I have also taken pictures of Gormley’s Another Place numerous times.

They are always different, even though they’re the same.

The seasons change, the weather, the light, with Another Place the amount of sand/barnacles/seaweed and the tides change.

There will be more Gormley photos appearing as time goes on I’m sure, along with other fantastic sculptures too.

I didn’t manage any sewing last night, a lovely warm bath with bubbles and candles was calling me instead. I’ll try again tonight.

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