Autumn Colours Week

I discovered yesterday from the Design is Mine blog that this week is Autumn Colours week.I should have seen it the day before but missed it. This also led me to another fab blog poppytalk. I haven’t really been able to match anything up with their daily colours, but here is my little bit of Autumn.
The photos, on both these blogs, for all the Autumn colours are just amazing.

I have nearly finished the Clothkits dress, it’s looking quite good, but I have to perfect my art of buttonholes on scrap, before ruining the whole thing with shoddy buttonholes. It’s a long time since I buttonholed and I think I probably had help from my mum when I last did it. However, last night I found the correct pages in the Singer manual (thank god it hasn’t got lost in the 30+ years the machine has been knocking around, with 3 different owners) and started practising. I think I need to do a couple more, then fingers crossed and onto the real thing!! Wish me luck.

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