half moon fun!

(picture from Albert Hall website)

Now, we don’t get out much, but last Friday night Hubbie and I went into Manchester to a gig….

………….I know, but actually we weren’t the oldest people there!!

We went to Albert Hall, a recently opened venue in an old Methodist hall.

What a cool venue! It looks great, the sound was fantastic – just all round brilliant (made even better by the fact that I had cheaper tickets as the gig was originally meant to be at Gorilla. When the venue changed, the price went up)

Half Moon Run were AMAZING.

All summer I was obsessed with ‘Full Circle’ and bought the tickets for the gig based solely on that 1 song. I then bought the album, which is indeed a splendid thing.

Live… they were a squillion times better. The tunes seemed so much more alive and had much more drum, 3 lots of drums on some tracks in fact. Something that needs to be felt as well as heard. All of these (handsome) young men played more than one instrument and sang. How sickeningly talented (and did I mention that they were not unattractive!)

I LOVED it! Go see them if you can – they are brilliant.

Hubbie thought it was pretty good too (he only came because I wanted to go)

          ◊           ◊          ◊          ◊          ◊           ◊           ◊           ◊           ◊           ◊           ◊           ◊

I have recently become aware of adverts appearing at the bottom of my posts. These are nothing to do with me, I don’t know why they are there or indeed how to get rid of them. I apologise.

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