I thought spring had sprung


Niblet and I had a great morning at the park in Saturday. Hubbie had gone for an interview in Birmingham, so we needed to be busy.

It was a beautiful, but bitterly cold day. The sunshine was a welcome sight, another help in shaking off the ‘blah’. I even remembered to take my camera to take some pictures. I wasn’t really expecting to see much in the way of plants yet, but there were some flowers already in bloom and many shoots poking their little heads out.


016 (3)




We played the 2 holes of crazy golf that aren’t full of water (all the time); were disappointed that the cafe is ‘temporarily closed’- no reason given; looked at the aviary, which hasn’t had birds in at all since it’s revamp (in fact I never saw any before the revamp); did some digging in the sand – looking for treasure, obviously!!; then hit the football/basketball/cricket pitch. We mostly kicked the ball around, but Niblet does like it when I put the ball through the hoop, so my rusty basketball skills are put to the test. I don’t mind, as it’s my sport (well, was), I want to encourage Niblet towards it as much as possible, without pressuring him.







So it was a surprise when Hubbie looked at the weather reports for today (going for another interview) and saw snow starting last night and continuing on and off through today. Especially as it was really wet yesterday.

This is what it has been like today!! Bit of a change, grey skies with on and off snow flurries or mini-blizzards. We now have lots of slush which is bound to freeze causing all sorts of problems tomorrow.


◊          ◊         ◊         ◊          ◊         ◊          ◊         ◊         ◊          ◊         ◊          ◊         ◊         ◊

I have recently become aware of adverts appearing at the bottom of my posts. These are nothing to do with me, I don’t know why they are there or indeed how to get rid of them. I apologise.

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