on the ‘Edge’

Yesterday was another lovely sunny Autumn day. We went out to Alderley Edge for a walk, there are probably places nearer that are equally as nice for a walk, but we haven’t really looked. Niblet likes Alderley Edge (partly mainly because of the cafe!!)

We go there quite a lot, probably because I used to go there as a child, I remember the legend and read ‘The Weirdstone of Brisingamen’ when I was younger – things that kind of stick in your mind!! Plus, we get the added bonus of heading off to Cheshire, to see what better off people are currently wearing/doing!!!

And I got to stop off at John Lewis on the way home and lust over beautiful things we don’t need and can’t afford!!

I took the opportunity to take lots more photos of Autumn loveliness:

Most of the ‘Edge’ was glorious, but we passed a bit that still had frost all over, as it clearly didn’t see much direct sunlight. (You can’t really see how frosty it was – but it was weird to walk past it, when everywhere else was bathed in sunlight)

You get amazing views out over the Cheshire plain and over to Manchester (in the very distance of the lower of these 2 photos)

Let’s hope we have more days like this. Maybe we’ll get round to finding somewhere fabulous closer to home.

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