Here’s one I made earlier….

So, remember I said I had a new idea for my Valentine…

Well, here is the finished article and it turned out betterĀ than I had hoped.

I flicked through the Paris Rough Guide and found quite a few images that I thought would be good. So, I cut them all out and then couldn’t decide which would look best. Paris is where we honeymooned and have visited a couple of times since.

The idea developed into making a little, kind of, heart book using all the images, which looks a lot better than if I had just stuck a single image onto the card.

I used the classic metro sign, the metro map, a map showing the area round the Eiffel Tower, a picture of Place des Vosges and a map of Ile St-Louis.

I’m really rather pleased with it. Let’s hope Hubbie likes it too (I’m not sure men always appreciate the handcrafted, lots of thought, cards in quite the same way as us ladies)

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