E-bay is taking over my life!!

I am now going to start each post with a random picture of mine!! I was thinking of trying to take a picture everyday but where would I find the time for that??
I barely have time to write this blog (& I’m not doing that everyday now!) or make anything. Just looking after Niblet and ……Ebay!

Ebay has taken over my life!!
Hubbie is always telling me I have too much stuff, so I decided that I would get rid of some of it and try to make a few pennies in the process. I have been fairly successful in getting rid of stuff (& got a few pennies back) but the time spent photographing and doing decent listings of everything is mad.

Then there’s the problem of  looking for other stuff on Ebay, all of the pennies I have made (& more besides) have gone back to someone else!! There’s stuff I didn’t even know I needed.

It’s not all bad, I have got Niblet some Duplo bases and waterproof dungarees (new), I have got some things for some crafty ideas that I have whirling around my head (and some that I have seen on other blogs).

Other blogs, now there’s another time stealer. Since starting this blog I have found sooo many other blogs that I love and aspire to. Once I’m sat at the computer my whole afternoon/evening disappears.

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