My letterbox is happy!!

I received 3 postcrossing postcards today!! Hooray!! I have now had 13 altogether, it’s just so nice to get mail. (Here is one from Holland)

However, the mail meant we had problems getting into the house when Niblet and I got back from swimming this afternoon. I couldn’t get the front door open (it’s a little stiff anyway, a man is coming to look at that and the fact it’s been letting water in, on Friday!) so had to go round to a neighbours. I had to leave the buggy at the bottom of the steps (& pray that no-one took a fancy to it). Our neighbour but one was just coming out, so she took Niblet, while I had to borrow a chair from the neighbour and climb over the fence onto our bin. Niblet was getting a bit worried by this point, (What’s mummy doing?) but he was passed over the fence too. We went in through the back door and Niblet found a pile of post, some of which had jammed under the front door.

I have mentioned postcrossing before, but I’ll say it again. You really should try it.
Digital bloggery and e-mails are great, but there’s nothing like getting real mail through the door. I’m loving it, despite the cost of sending cards all over the world every few days, and it’s running down my incredibly large stack of collected postcards too.
Although, I have had this picture of mine made up into 100 postcards!! So my stack is kind of big again!!

Try it here:

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