Trying to do it all

So, I am really finding that there aren’t enough hours in the day. In my head I have plans for the things I am going to sit down and make….
but even with Hubbie taking charge of Niblet for a few hours and niblet’s sleep time, I still don’t seem to have achieved anything.

I spent this morning doing some errands and looking round charity shops on my own (almost impossible when I have Niblet with me). Then after lunch, while the boys went to the park, I was going to start making some Christmas cards. I know it’s not for a-whole-nother year, but I had an idea and have been buying bits and pieces on Ebay, so I was going to get going. I guess in a way I did, I have been getting lots of the bits ready and trying out ideas, but I haven’t actually produced a card… not a single one.

Then there’s this blog, I have to find time to write stuff and sort out my pictures. That is a lot easier now I’m digital, but I still have to edit/crop/choose the best bits. So, for the next few (lots of) posts it’s likely to be flowers, as they’re the only ones I’ve had time to edit!!

And there’s also other stuff, like trying to get things ready to go on Ebay (that always takes a lot longer than I hope for), tidying up, washing up, eating, sleeping……………………. I really must go to bed now!!!

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