enjoying the holidays

029Grandma made this Kwazii cake for Niblet’s birthday. Octonauts are his current favourite thing.

We had a great Christmas/birthday. Finally seeing my brother and his wife, after illness stopping us the last 2 times, was great. Niblet had a great time and loads of presents. He loves his camera; Octonaut books, figures, GUP’s; Fireman Sam stuff.

He has soooo much new stuff and we have yet to ‘do’ Christmas with the outlaws on New Years Day. In many ways it feels like too much, I worry that he won’t appreciate what he gets.

Boxing Day at Alderley Edge was lovely, we got there early to make the most of the 3 hours of dry weather that appeared and get a free parking space.






I also got a couple of ‘comedy’ shots. We spotted this bit of tree trunk that looked like a giraffe!! and something we have never noticed on our previous trips, but Grandma spotted was the aerial poking out of the, very high, trees!!



We are currently staying at ‘the outlaws’. Nana, Niblet and I went to Worthing today. The sun was trying to break through, the wind was blowing wildly and Niblet and I got very wet in the sea. Niblet wanted to go in (“Mummy did you bring my swim shorts?” piped up a little voice, as we ate lunch overlooking the sea) so we went on the beach and he ran into the waves in his wellies. We did a bit of that and then got surprised by a very big wave, that soaked us. That didn’t stop him and as I was already wet, we did it a bit more!!

It was FUN!!!


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I have recently become aware of adverts appearing at the bottom of my posts. These are nothing to do with me, I don’t know why they are there or indeed how to get rid of them. I apologise.


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