growing up

Niblet got some new shoes this weekend, which he (& we) LOVE. As I went upstairs yesterday I saw them and they just looked like little boy shoes, not baby shoes anymore.

He will be 3 this Christmas, so he is turning into a proper little boy. He spent Saturday afternoon outside washing the car with Hubbie. He loved it, getting wet and soapy (and cold – it was bitter on Saturday).

It’s weird, I know he was a baby not long ago, but I don’t remember it well, or it feels like I don’t when I look at him now. He looks so different in photos from birth, 6 months, 1 year old. It’s going so fast, even though I’m with him most of the time I don’t always feel like I make the most of it. There always seems to be so much else to do (and playing cars for hours on end can gets rather tedious!!)

I love seeing him grow, getting more independent and confident (those 2 mornings at nursery since September have really made a difference to him) but part of me wants to keep him like this forever.

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